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4USSPACES | Virtual PMO Services


4usSpaces´s main goal is to offer new ways of working for professionals worldwide and quick access to project management talent for organizations. 4usSpaces’s approach is mainly dedicated to support a full-scale project management issues for clients. They move PM matters to the virtual space providing highly efficient process while lowering your costs.

Country: Netherlands

Company Size: 20 employees

Segment: Small Business

Business Challenge:

4usSpaces’s founders wanted to hire a Business Developer and Project Management Consultant to help with business intial set-up and development aspects.

Main Projects/Initiatives:

  • Project Management: Analysis and selection of Project Management Tools
  • Project Management: Project Management best practices (PMP) implementation. Analysis and improvement of PM core processes.
  • Business development: Consulting services related to: i) team building ii) expansion plan iii) strategy revision.
  • Business Processes Management: Workflow management and integration
  • Client relationship framework advisory services


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