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Case Studies

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Aplyca | Digital Media Services

Aplyca is a full-service, certified Silver eZ Publish Partner providing consultation, design, CMS solutions, implementation, and support to news media and large-scale enterprises around the world. 

Country: Colombia

Company Size: 25 employees

Segment: Small Business

Business Challenge:

Aplyca hired me as a Human Resource Manager and Business Advisor for creating an efficient virtual and extensible team on Odesk (profiles: marketing, sales, design and web development) and improve its key business processes in order to cut costs and improve the overall performance .

Main Projects:

  • HR core processes and policies design (scoring system, decision matrix, interviews management)
  • Implementation of Project Management best practices (PMP)
  • Integral Training Program Coordination
  • Full assessment of the Web development and programming department + final solutions and recommendations.
  • Document Management System design and implementation
  • Overall Process analysis and improvement
  • Research and Market Analysis

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