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Case Studies

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THE IT HIVE (Healthcare Solutions)

The ITHive is a team of web application development specialists led by clinically qualified healthcare professionals. The ITHive creates exceptionally usable clinical, nursing, administrative and self-help software solutions for healthcare organisations and practitioners.

Country: Australia

Company Size: 15 employees

Segment: Small Business

Business Challenge:

I was hired for providing the organization with the necessary guidance in order to make their marketing efforts profitable (ROI). 

They wanted to create a well structured Project Plan to manage different marketing activities, tools, and outsourced providers under an effective methodology and well defined processes (dealing with the complexities of multi-stakeholder requirements).

In addition I was asked to analyze and improve key operational parameters within the organization.

Main Projects/Initiatives:

  • Business Processes analysis and documentation (GAP Analysis)
  • Coaching team members (freelance providers) during the development Stage.
  • Integral Project Management: Marketing Plan (activities, roles and responsibilities, tools, issues backlog, etc)
  • Project Planning: best practices implementation
  • Dashboard design (KPI metrics, methodology, analysis and follow up)
  • Website Optimization initiative (visual web optimizer, landing page analysis, best practices, conversion rates)


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