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Case Studies

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TINTBUYER (Window Film Consulting)

Tintbuyer is a leader in the window tinting industry in everything from Process Engineering to Product Management to National Accounts Management and also has come to believe tinting can be a major force for what is good ranging from improving glass safety and security to reducing carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, and high energy costs.

Country: United States

Company Size: 5 employees

Segment: Small Business

Business Challenge:

Tintbuyer wanted to hire a Team Leader for coordinating operational efforts. I was hired to create and manage a team of offshore providers for implementing an Online Marketing Program to prmote Tintbuyer’s professional services.

Main Projects:

  • Integral Business Orchestration (Calendars, processes, planning)
  • Implementation of Project Management Methodology and related tools (Smartsheet)
  • Team building activities
  • SEO/SEM Program implementation
  • Performance Management Framework (KPIs)


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